100% Donation Policy

About Us

World Care Foundation is a grassroots, volunteer-led humanitarian UK registered charity (SC046662).

In simple words; World Care Foundation is a platform which aims to make us all compassionate & caring by supporting our communities at home and abroad through personal participation which creates a personal connection with the notion of caring for others as well as charitable giving.

World Care Foundation was founded to encourage humanitarian efforts in order to help those in need anywhere in the world, regardless of their faith, colour, gender and ethnicity.

It specifically promotes volunteering work and thus it’s organisational structure has been arranged to support volunteers to participate in anyway they can. We establish community level Management and volunteer groups so that they get involved in actual decision making processes, manage projects, go abroad on charity trips and encourage others to join.

Our main projects include Orphanages, Orphan sponsorship, Medical centres, Refugee Crisis work and Education Projects.

We have delivered aid to Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, France, Macedonia, Greece, Syria, Pakistan, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Bangladesh and African countries

We aim to provide urgent help wherever it is needed most.

100% Donation Policy

We operate a 100 percent donations to cause policy. All of your donations are spent solely on what you donated for—to help the world’s neediest people.

Our overheads are covered by funds specifically donated to cover overheads; by volunteers, individual donors, charity tubs in shops/ other businesses, gift aid payments and sponsorships from businesses. Donations collected via buckets or charity tubs at events or for a cause are donated directly to the causes itself.

In reality, as our volunteers also donate to various causes thus our joint donations for causes are effectively more than 100%.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple:
Helping humanity and spreading hope. Without hope, humanity is lost. Caring and kindness give us hope in humanity and hope for humanity. So our goal is to help those who need it, showing kindness to the world’s most needy in order to spread hope for our future.
Key aspects of our philosophy are:

Empowerment and Sustainability

We encourage our donors and volunteers to be part of our aid missions. As a volunteer, you can help deliver the aid you provided. This fosters long-term commitments, empowerment and confidence in our aid delivery systems, as well as nurtures sustainable support from our community.

100 Percent Donation

Our work is 100 percent donations based, every pound you donate goes directly to helping those who need it. Where we need donations for delivery of aid, such as containers and transport costs, we explicitly mention this.

Full Inclusion into Management

We establish community level Management and volunteer groups for maximum inclusion in actual decision making processes, management of projects and planning. This also facilitates transparency and accountability aspects.

World Care Foundation | Charity Details Registered in Scotland SC046662. Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO)