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Our volunteers come from all walks of life, all backgrounds, colours, races, religions and nationalities. They include office workers, businessmen and women, shop owners, healthcare workers and more, and come from across the UK, from Edinburgh to Aberdeen, Glasgow, Lancashire, West Yorkshire, Birmingham, Leicester and London.

Our volunteers help in many ways, from donating money to buying urgent aid items to providing crucial manpower on the ground in our aid destinations.

We are constantly looking for volunteers to help and encourage you to join us here in the UK and abroad.

Why volunteer

One of the greatest gifts you can give is the gift of life and hope. Volunteering lets you make a difference where someone needs help, saving lives and giving hope.

As a volunteer with World Care Foundation, you can help the most needy and desperate by distributing food to the hungry, sending containers of aid items and providing medical items such as incubators to Syria. As a volunteer you will save lives and spread hope.

Read our article on why to volunteer.

How Can I Volunteer?

Here are some of the most common options

COMMUNITY EVENTS. Help out at community events such as fundays, charity dinners, ladies nights, bake sales etc

This role requires occasional participation, you can choose to only attend events and help out on the event day or become more active by  helping organise events

COMMUNITY CHAMPIONS. A unique and a worthy option whereby you can select a project/ cause and raise funds for it by undertaking your own initiatives at your own time, such as making individual appeals to friends & family, hold bake sales at work/school etc, take on a sports challenge such as cycling/ running/walking/ mount climb etc or organise a coffee morning/high tea etc

GENERAL FOREIGN CHARITY TRIPS. Volunteers can go abroad on a charity trip. It is quite simple; we raise funds, pay for our tickets and go with WCF group to deliver the aid

If you wish to go abroad and volunteer then you can join our whatsapp NEWS GROUP to stay updated on the latest dates as well as see this page on our site

For more information please contact akeel@worldcarefoundation.org

PROJECT MANAGEMENT. Participate and help manage our projects/ programs such as Orphan Sponsorship, Schools, Orphanages, Clinics etc

This is a hands-on role and would suite someone who has regular availability. Ideally 8 hrs a week, which can be spread over a week depending on the project requirements

LOCAL PROJECTS. Participate and help run local projects such as Foodbank/ Foodtable for homeless or other local projects

You can participate as you like depending on your time and availability.

ADMIN/ TECHNICAL / SPECIALIST SKILLS. It may be that you have time and / or specialist skills such as admin, IT, Finance, Marketing etc , therefore accordingly we can find a role that is both exciting and rewarding

If you’re interested in volunteering please email us at  info@worldcarefoundation.org or click to complete our volunteer form.