• Rohingya Crisis

    One million people in temporary shelters along the Bangladesh-Myanmar border are in a truly desperate situation, these people now face a second tragedy as the monsoon season hits.

  • Yemen Crisis

    Fight against HUNGER

  • Sponsor an Orphan

    Sponsor a Syrian orphan in Lebanon and Turkey

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    on an aid mission

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  • Syrian Crisis

    After having suffered war and displacement, adjustment to this new way of life can be unimaginably hard, especially in the case of families where family members have suffered disability or severely injured.


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Volunteer abroad with us

Together we can make a difference to the lives of those who need it most. No matter how small or big, every little helps and goes a long way.

be part of something big, spreading hope and saving lives

Our Appeals


Give a gift that lasts forever…sponsor an orphan as a gift for your loved ones.


Please donate to help us provide a safe and secure place of residence for widows and orphans

Zakkat 2019

The honor in supporting an orphan cannot be explained in words. It is among the highest of noble deeds.

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers come from all walks of life, all backgrounds, colours, races, religions and nationalities. They include office workers, businessmen and women, shop owners, healthcare workers and more. They help in many ways, from donating money to buying urgent aid items to providing crucial manpower on the ground in our aid destinations.

This is just a few of the many people who work with World Care Foundation.

Why do I do it? Because I feel that nobody should have to go without help and basic needs. People I help have lost homes and family members on the way to safety yet they are inspiration… read more

I’m incredibly lucky to have been born in the rich world. Too many people in the world do not have food, shelter, safety, clean water or other such basic needs and feel like we should do what we can to help them… read more

Volunteering with WCF has been such an enriching, fulfilling and humbling experience. It has given me the opportunity to ‘do something’ when I have felt such devastation and sadness… read more

I volunteer primarily to help those are vulnerable in the world we live in. I am blessed to be in a position that I can make a little difference to those that needed it the most.  My heart bleeds when I see fellow… read more