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  • Orphanages & Residence Centre for Vulnerable Sisters

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  • Yemen Crisis

    Fight against HUNGER

  • Crisis Relief

  • Enable - Providing Prosthetic

  • Women Empowerment

  • Health Project

  • Sponsor an Orphan

    Sponsor a Syrian orphan in Lebanon and Turkey

  • Learning Centre Pakistan

  • Roshan Development Centre

  • Salam School - Lebanon

  • Hope Centre Orphanage - Lebanon

  • Noor Centre Orphanage - Lebanon

  • One Family Orphanage - Turkey

  • Dar AlFirdous Orphanage - Turkey

  • Food Bank

  • Free Food Table

  • Volunteering Abroad

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Featured Campaign

The people of Yemen are literally starving to death.

56,000 have been killed or injured in this proxy war; a man-made catastrophe, which currently leaves 14 MILLION Yemenis at risk – HALF the population of the region potentially dying due to famine!

Please join us and save lives. Provide Food today.

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be part of something big, spreading hope and show solidarity

Our Appeals


Zakkat is the third pillar of Islam and is a form of charity which is compulsory for those who are eligible. Donate your Zakkat in aid of: African Women, Syrian Women or Rohingya Shelters


Millions have been left struggling in extremely difficult circumstances all over the world due to poverty and conflict which has left children suffering the most needing essential support and care.


Around the world millions are suffering from war and displacement as well as malnutrition, lack of clean water and basic necessities such as food, shelter and healthcare.

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers come from all walks of life, all backgrounds, colours, races, religions and nationalities. They include office workers, businessmen and women, shop owners, healthcare workers and more. They help in many ways, from donating money to buying urgent aid items to providing crucial manpower on the ground in our aid destinations.

This is just a few of the many people who work with World Care Foundation.

Why do I do it? Because I feel that nobody should have to go without help and basic needs. People I help have lost homes and family members on the way to safety yet they are inspiration… read more

I’m incredibly lucky to have been born in the rich world. Too many people in the world do not have food, shelter, safety, clean water or other such basic needs and feel like we should do what we can to help them… read more

Volunteering with WCF has been such an enriching, fulfilling and humbling experience. It has given me the opportunity to ‘do something’ when I have felt such devastation and sadness… read more

I volunteer primarily to help those are vulnerable in the world we live in. I am blessed to be in a position that I can make a little difference to those that needed it the most.  My heart bleeds when I see fellow… read more