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What Is Zakat?

Zakat is the third pillar of Islam and is a form of charity which is compulsory for those who are eligible. A Muslim is obligated to pay an amount of their wealth to underprivileged and disadvantaged people. If the individual’s annual wealth or assets equals to or exceeds a certain financial threshold (the nisab) they are required to donate 2.5% of their wealth to those in need. The Nisab is defined as 612.4g of Silver or 87.5g of Gold.

“And establish prayer, give Zakat and obey the Messenger so that mercy may be shown to you” (Quran, 24:56)

There are thousands of vulnerable single mothers and widows within our communities in the UK who are suffering from poverty.

Zakat is not only given to Muslims who suffer from poverty abroad but also given to Muslims who qualify throughout the UK. This can help with the burden of those who are in financial difficulties. Your Zakat can help Muslims right here in the UK.

Zakat can be given any time of the year and will be set in a Zakat fund which can help those who need it most when they need it.

By giving Zakat it cleanses our hearts against selfishness and greed. By doing so we acknowledge it is in fact not our own but a blessing to be shared.

Zakat can be used to sponsor an Orphan, Family Support (for whom are eligible) and go towards Crisis Appeals.

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