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Zakkat / Sadaqqah – Syria


The conflict in Syria continues to produce history’s gravest displacement crisis and continues in the world today; generating dramatic levels of suffering, injury and death to innocent men, women and most of all children. The actions of a few, have shattered the lives of many along with their hopes and dreams for the future!

You can help following appeals for Syrian victims of war


Hundreds and thousands of women and children have suffered from the devastating effects of the war and even though they may have survived the war, their daily struggle to live a dignified life and fight for survival continues.

Trying to survive as a widow is extremely testing as is, as they have to find a place to live, earn a living, feed and clothe their children, find funds for education, health whilst trying to care for themselves as well. Imagine all this with a war, or life a refugee.

Your donations will help us provide sponsorships, food, clothing and housing for the orphans and widows in Lebanon, Turkey and Syria including 2 orphanages in Turkey for Syrian widows.


We have all seen videos of Syria being attacked and bombed indiscriminately from every angle on a regular basis. These attacks have left thousands injured. Their lives are ruined by unimaginable and horrific injuries where some are bedridden for life, left disabled and have crippling spinal injuries.

We are looking for your urgent help to raise funds towards establishing a residence and a rehabilitation centre in Turkey for disabled and injured, along with the Syrian border at Reyhanli. We can help them get on their feet and live a dignified life in the best way possible.

We also identify and help urgent medical cases by providing medicine and treatment costs as well as equipment where needed.


After having suffered war and displacement, adjustment to this new way of life can be unimaginably hard, especially in the case of families where family members have suffered disability or severely injured. We fully support such families covering their accommodation and living expenses, thereby easing their burden of distress considerably.


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