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Vanity Femme Charity Projects

The VanityFemme platform has completed many charity projects through the help of your donations!

In 2016, we built 21 water wells across Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

In 2018 we raised enough money to sponsor 41 orphans for an entire year and 4 Hifz orphans for 3 years.

We sponsored orphans from Gambia, India, Palestine, Lebanon, Senegal, Sudan, South Africa and Pakistan.

In October 2019, we opened Our Children Orphanage in Lebanon with the continued support and help of World Care Foundation. Our orphanage has been sheltering, feeding, educating and providing healthcare for around 50 orphans and their widowed mothers. We continue to support these mothers and their families with anything they may need!

We are now in a position to be able to open another Orphanage within Lebanon, due to a massive fund raising that we did in 2021. This second orphanage will also care for many children and their mothers. We aim to open this Orphanage at some point this year InshaAllah!

Another project that we are taking on is a charity food project within Yemen. We aim to open a bakery in Yemen that will feed 150 families per day which amounts to £1500 per month! InshaAllah this project will benefit many people.

Even the smallest of donations made to any of our projects make a significant impact and they are highly appreciated. Through your support, we are able to aid many less fortunate and vulnerable families and children without any families.

Thankyou for your donations.

Mariyah Ahmed

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