The Plan



COMPASSIONATE NATURE: Students will become compassionate by;

  • Raising funds and raising awareness for humanitarian causes
  • Volunteering for projects locally or abroad

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Students will be supported and encouraged to organise events and activities for their own and fellow students’ personal development and up-skilling. Example of these activities are; 

  • Organising mentorship programs
  • Leadership skills
  • Public Speaking skills (vlogging)


Students will join local Impact Teams and will lead activities of their institutions locally.

They will choose their own projects that they wish to support.

Each Impact Team will receive one free ticket to go abroad to visit their project.

The rest of the team can also join and volunteer abroad to create a personal connection and to see the amazing difference which they are making!

Remember  free tickets on the go!

Impact Teams will select Regional and National Teams for strategic direction and guidance.

It’s all GO GO GO!