MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS.. to all the volunteers and donors. mashaAllah amazing efforts. Really humbled and proud to share that we have reached our target for the Village Development Project in Malawi. You have all donated and helped raise more than £150,000 and going…

Construction work has started, which will take 4-5 months to
complete. I CANNOT WAIT…

The construction plan includes

Local Primary school for 300 children

Community Deep wells x 2

Community Irrigation Project

Flour Mill


Community Education Centre

Community Imam House

SubhanAllah, this adds to the current list of our development projects:

7 orphanages

1 school in Lebanon

3 Smart School Centres in Pakistan

This does not include other ongoing projects such as 400+ orphan sponsorships, water wells, relief work etc …

Truly humbling journey …. Wait there is more.. inshaAllah 4 more super projects on the way.
All praises to Allah. Volunteers and donors you have been amazing.
Ya Allah guide us and keep giving us volunteers and donors the opportunities to help more and more brothers, sisters and their children in need.