Emergency Medical and Crisis Appeal

Syria is being attacked from every angle: Russian, US and UK airstrikes, bombing and attacks by Assad’s forces and death and destruction from ISIS. In just one day, up to 70 air strikes are carried out in any one area, even civilian areas. These attacks have left scores dead and thousands injured and displaced.

Watch this video to see what Russian airstrikes are doing to Syria’s civilian population.

We operate a 100 percent donations policy. All of your donations are spent solely on what you donated for—to help the world’s neediest people. Our volunteers pay for their own travel so donations reach the needy in full. There are no overheads to cover, we cover them.

Our appeal
General Crisis Appeal
With thousands fleeing from Aleppo their needs are diverse from clothes, blankets, tents to food and so on. Depending on the area and the group/ individuals in need of most help the nature of aid accordingly will change.

We need you support. Lets join and help in easing their suffering at this unimaginably difficult time.

Medical Needs
Those leaving Aleppo and other places have been under constant bombardment we will continue to supply emergency aid for immediate needs as well equipment to hospitals.

Family food baskets (not for Aleppo)
We’ve sourced basic food items at heavily discounted prices from warehouses in Turkey.

Costs work out to £1.43 a day to feed a family of four.

  • Donate £20 to feed a family of four for two weeks.
  • Donate £71.50 to feed a family of four for 50 days.
  • Donate £143 to feed a family of four for 100 days.

*Note this is a zakkat compliant appeal.


We invite you to donate now and help us on our mission to help the Syrians. Their suffering is unimaginable. If you could see the grief and tragedy suffered at losing just one family member – and they lose loved ones every day – you’d see these are people; they’re not terrorists, not statistics, they’re people with a past, hoping for a future. It could just as easily be your mother, your brother. You.

We appeal to you to show a human response to the crisis in Syria. Donate so we can help alleviate this human catastrophe.

Donate online: https://www.nowdonate.com/checkout/worldcarefoundation

When donating online you can comment to indicate which cause you would like to help or leave it blank for funds to go to the most urgent needs.

Donate by bank transfer

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