Step in my Shoes

Step in my Shoes started by Lorraine, is a project that provides shoes essentially for refugees but also destitute human beings all over the world.

Having spent time in Greece volunteering for the lifeguard team ‘A Drop in the Ocean’, Lorraine was struck by how, when refugees are pulled out of boats and rescued from the sea, they start their new lives with nothing but their wet clothes.
On the shores of Lesvos, Lorraine improvised by drying children’s feet before putting them in sandwich bags and then putting their feet back in wet shoes to begin their onward journey to Germany, Sweden and beyond. Often, shoes had gone overboard and the refugee children stepped onto the stoney beaches with bare feet.
Step in my Shoes intends to ask every person in the UK, who is able, to donate one pair of shoes- literally to allow small children, women, and men who are fleeing from war and distress to ‘step in my shoes’.
It is not often we see such a life-changing humanitarian crisis and find a way to give such personal, crucial help. Shoes should be sturdy and suitable for walking long distances in bad weather: trainers, boots etc, and, if possible should be tied together with laces or tape/elastic band. Notes should not include personal addresses but plenty of love, encouragement, and friendship.
Please, for a moment, step in a Syrian child’s shoes and allow them to step forward in yours.
In return, we will package, transport and deliver the shoes and we will send you photo messages of

We are also extending this project to cover other places of need.

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