Spirituality helps put all aspects into the right perspective

Vision: Providing relevant and regular guidance for spiritual and character development of our youth and young adults in order for them to become better Muslims

Specific objectives:

  • To gain Islamic knowledge which will lead to becoming better Muslims
  • To appreciate instil family and human values
  • To develop a noble character
  • To socialise in a safe, positive and mentored environment for socialising

Activities to meet the objectives 

–          Weekly education sessions for boys and girls (online for now)

–          A dedicated youth helpline for boys and girls

–          Organise weekend retreats

–          Share reminders, talks, inspirational stuff on social media

–          Material on important matters for youth

–          Organise monthly competition (Quran, quiz, nasheed, writing, battle of words)

–          Organise talks and seminars

–          Monthly guest interview (Scholar, convert etc)