100% Donation Policy

Vulnerable and Destitute Families

Millions of Syrians have suffered war and displacement. The adjustment to a new life can be imaginably hard especially in the case of families where family members have suffered disability or severely injured.

With the ongoing support of donors, World Care Foundation has implemented the Family Support Project. With the monthly donations the families are able to pay for their basic needs such as food, accommodation and other living expenses. This also includes many families that are extremely desperate for help and support due to a variety of reasons. 

We have helped thousands of refugees in Lebanon and Turkey each with different needs. There are many more families that are living in dire conditions and need your support.

Sponsor a Family for £100 per month. 
Sponsor a Family for 1 Year £1200.

Support a family each month or donate as a one-off payment


Millions have been left struggling in extremely difficult circumstances all over the world due to poverty and conflict which has left children suffering the most. 

Each and every child deserves a childhood full of happiness, health and the opportunity to build a brighter future. Children are the most vulnerable members of society and they should be provided with essential support and care. Unfortunately, some of these children do not have access to even the basic necessities of life.

Currently, we have sponsored hundreds of Syrian Orphans in Turkey, Lebanon and Syria. We provide long term support to each individual for their daily essentials, such as food, accommodation, education, clothing and medical care. We aim to put smiles on the faces of vulnerable children which can make a lasting difference to their lives.

Thankfully with the help of donors World Care Foundation can make sure they are looked after. By sponsoring these innocent children, we can help with the basic necessities. 

When a child is sponsored, the donor will be provided with details including a photograph of the child and regular updates from time to time. 

Sponsor an Orphan for £25 per month. 
Sponsor an Orphan for 1 Year £300

As we value your participation and wish you to join the noble cause in any way possible, so if you cannot commit to £25 per month then commit to an amount that you are comfortable with as we will then pair you with another donor.

As we operate a 100% donation policy the funds are allocated to the cause/child. There are no charges for admin fees.


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