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Salam School – Lebanon

Help educate refugee children to give them a better now and a brighter future.

There is an education crisis in Lebanon. More than 737, 000 Lebanese, as well as Palestinian and Syrian refugee children in Lebanon, couldn’t go to school in 2021. This totals a third of school-age children in the country. Many schools have shut down and teacher strikes are common because of poor salaries and working conditions. And approximately 1.2 million children have had their schooling disrupted for more than a year since 2019.

Civil unrest, the economic downturn, the fuel price rocketing since the government stopped fuel subsidies, and the pandemic – these are some of the causes of the education crisis in Lebanon. The situation is not easily solvable, and the impact is affecting a whole generation of children.

At World Care Foundation (WCF) we work with the Ahmed Nawaz Education project to support Salam School in Lebanon. Based in Barja, Salam School is for Syrian refugee children and accommodates 270 primary school children. These children now have an opportunity to get a basic education. The subjects we teach are Arabic, English, Islamic Studies, Maths and Science.

How schools help refugee children

Schools provide children with a safe space as well as a sense of normality. This is particularly important for refugee children who have experienced trauma and have been uprooted from their homes. As they engage with other children and adults, children learn tolerance and develop social skills. Most of the children at Salam School have been uprooted from their homes. Some have lost their parents, primary caregivers or other loved ones. Here, they’re able to start adjusting and integrating into a new environment.

Every child needs stability and normality in his life. Being back in school and getting into a regular routine helps to make these children feel secure and gives them a sense of stability.

Our teachers, support staff and volunteers at Salam School see the positive impact an education and a school environment can have. The children are happier now. With your support, they’ve been given a second chance at a normal childhood and a real opportunity to reach their full potential.

Mohammed – A story of courage and success

Mohammed was a nine-year-old boy with no previous education. He used to work with his father at a metal workshop. The workshop owner wanted to help him get an education so enrolled him at Salam School. It was tough for Mohammed initially as he did not know how to sit at a desk or even hold a pencil. Alhamdulillah, because of his hard work and determination and the commitment of his teachers and parents, he is now happily integrated. Watch the video to see Mohammed’s story.
Mohammed’s success story is just one of thousands, which wouldn’t be possible without our supporters. It is through their generosity that Salam Schools is able to offer free education to needy students, and charge nominal fees to families who can afford to pay.

Children need your help

You can support our Salam Schools by:

  • Donating
  • Volunteering
  • Giving of your time, administrative skills and technical expertise

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We have a 100% donation policy, so all contributions are used directly for school operations and help some of the world’s neediest children reach their potential.

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