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Due to the huge number of Rohingya refugees fleeing the violence in Myanmar to neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh there has been a multitude of health concerns, not only due to the injuries sustained due to violence but also as a result of overall lack of proper medical care. Their concerns include a lack of safe drinking water, a lack of proper sanitation, malnutrition and overcrowding meaning there has been an outbreak of many diseases. Many of the refugees now living in the Bangladesh refugee camps are also pregnant women or have recently given birth therefore in need of specialist care.

The health clinics that were already there could not cope with the high number of refugees needing medical attention so we have reacted to this emergency situation and opened a World Care Foundation Medical Camp in Bangladesh. It provides primary healthcare services, antenatal and postnatal Care. A volunteer said: “On the day when we arrived they had seen 133 patents, just in that day alone. Seeing the register really gave us a feeling of relief knowing so many are being helped daily. The medical camp is a vital source of basic medical care.”


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