QURBANI 2021 – 1442

Qurbani is an obligation that we are commanded to perform by Allah (SWT). Therefore, it is vital that we follow the Qurbani meat distribution rules and regulations. Below is a brief guide to the rules and recommendations of Qurbani.

Who Must Perform Qurbani?

Every Muslim must perform Qurbani. The only exceptions are as follows:

Those who do not possess 52.5 tolas of silver, or the wealth equivalent
Those not of sound mind
Those who have not yet reached and passed puberty
Those who are travelling and are more than the Shar’i distance from home (approximately 40-45 kilometres)

You are permitted to donate Qurbani on behalf of other people, including those who have passed away. However, you are not expected to provide Qurbani animals on behalf of your children.

When Must Qurbani Be Performed?

Qurbani must be performed on the tenth, eleventh and twelfth days of Dhul-Hijjah, the time of the festival of Eid ul-Adha by the Gregorian calendar.

Who Can Receive Qurbani Meat?

Meat from Qurbani animals should be distributed equally in three parts. It should be given to the family, friends and the poor (both Muslim and non-Muslim alike).

Please Note:

Prices have been rounded up. Any surplus money will also be used for Qurbani where needed most.

Qurbani Prices 2021

CountrySmall AnimalLarge Animal1/7th Share