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Meet The Riders

For the first time ever, two cyclists will embark on a journey from Edinburgh to Hajj, taking on a ground-breaking challenge; on a journey of over 3,000 miles as they Pedal 2 Hajj.
Their vision is to raise funds in support of World Care Foundation’s projects in Gaza. Every mile they cover will help provide the people of Gaza with food, shelter and medical supplies, to see them though this difficult time.
Meet Abdul Rahman Ali and Reehan Ali and learn what has inspired them to take on this awesome journey.

What inspired you to take on the challenge of this immense journey?

Name: Abdul Rahman Ali
Age: 34
Hometown: Bonnyrigg, Midlothian

My brother and myself have been training from a young age as a means of maintaining some sort of fitness. As we have got older, we have tended to set ourselves different goals and challenges to work towards, as training in general can become a bit of a chore.

What inspired me to take on this journey, was when around 5 years ago I had seen a group of lads from London who had embarked on their pilgrimage to Hajj by cycle. This really got me thinking what an awesome way to go to Hajj, it also had me questioning whether I had the ability to do that too. That thought set us up to start planning a similar journey for Hajj.

As our Hajj plans were developing, we were witnessing the horrors unfolding in Gaza, with the daily news of how the Palestinians were suffering as a result of the daily attacks on Gaza. Since we had volunteered with World Care Foundation and were aware of the great work they were doing, we decided to use our journey to fundraise for the people of Gaza through World Care Foundation.

Name: Reehan Ali
Age: 29
Hometown: Bonnyrigg, Midlothian

Since visiting Makkah in November 2022. Both my brother and I have had the desire to return to Makkah to fulfil the Hajj pilgrimage. Last year we eventually decided to look at undertaking the journey in 2024.

Having sat down to plan the trip, we decided that we would make this journey as unforgettable as the Hajj itself would be. Journeying by bike to Hajj would make us even more appreciative of reaching the Holy Land.

We also felt that traveling by bike would also make the journey feel much closer to the traditional way of travel that people would use in the past when going to perform Hajj. We wanted to experience the days when people travelled either on horseback or camelback or travelling in caravans, before the advent of flight made the journey much easier.

We also wanted to use this amazing journey as an opportunity to fundraise for a cause which we feel very close to. Having witnessed on our TV screens the tragedy faced by the people of Gaza and feeling helpless to do anything to help them, we decided to use our journey to fundraise for the Palestinians in Gaza.

“Our goal is to collectively reach as many individuals as possible with this message to support the people of Gaza facing a humanitarian crisis.”

Pedal 2 Hajj is proudly sponsored by:

World Care Foundation | Charity Details Registered in Scotland SC046662. Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO)