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Our Children Orphanage Complex by VanityFemme

Orphanage Complex Lebanon

Al-Ḥamdu lillāh we have been honoured and blessed to continue running the Orphanage Complex for the past few years.

Our Children 1 officially opened in October 2019 and Our Children 2 in 2022 and now houses around 84 children and their single/widowed mothers. We have been able to provide for them and look after them and we aim to continue to do so to be able to give them a better quality of life!

This will help with providing housing, clothing, healthy meals, education, medical care and emotional support.

Every child has the right to a home; feeling cared for, loved and safe. Unfortunately, for thousands of Orphans in Lebanon, this is just a wishful dream.

We have a duty to provide for these children. Let’s get together and help our Children.

You can donate Zakat and Sadaqah to establish this orphanage. You will truly make a huge difference in the lives of many children.

Please donate generously so we can continue supporting them Insha-Allah!

Not only will you be gaining immense reward but your donation will transform lives.

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Thank you for your support.


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