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A Human Chain of Hope

We can all make wonders happen!

We are students, businessmen, teachers, lawyers, doctors, single parents, pensioners and, most of all, we are impassioned members of society, desperate to see humanity return in it’s most beautiful and compassionate form.

You, your family, and your friends can become a part of our team; volunteer with the main working team in the UK, and abroad. You can partake in the delivery of aid and become a part of our project management teams.

The greatest gift we can offer humanity is that of hope. By volunteering with us, you will be empowered to bring hope, support and aid to those who are in most desperate need of it. Each and every one of us possesses unique skills and attributes, and we firmly believe that we can utilise your individuality to enhance our work, as well as developing your skills.

We require volunteers for specialist works such as IT, Accountancy, and Marketing. Whether you can spare 1 hour a week, or more, we need you! Together, we can change the lives of so many.

Iqbal Sharif

Investment Banking

“I am extremely grateful that WCF has given me the opportunity to help through giving up my time to go on numerous aid missions to refugee camps in Lebanon and initially to parts of Europe. I am glad that I am part of this journey and hope to contribute more in respect of my time to help take the charity to another level in order to create a base to support even more around the world and in the UK that need it the most. Collectively we can continue to make a difference.”


Works with Local Council

“I never really thought of volunteering or even charity for that matter other than ads on the TV. Now, I am sat here in Beirut on an aid mission, a place where I never thought I would ever go. All I think about now is how I can do more, when can I go on the next aid mission and how I can help the charity in any way possible to reach out more people.”

Jennifer Wallace

Lawyer and a Mother of 2

“Volunteering with WCF has been such an enriching, fulfilling and humbling experience. It has given me the opportunity to ‘do something’ when I have felt such devastation and sadness at the plight of the Syrian people. In addition it has allowed me to meet new people, try out new tasks, and feel proud of being part of such a caring community.”

Dr Jahengeer

Consultant Oncology

“I volunteer for WCF as it follows the principles of delivering help and care at the doorsteps of needy and desperate human beings with full honesty and with his 100% donation policy. I help WCF in its medical and unique Orphan and Widows support projects which are now successfully running with support and involvement of people like you and me, the ordinary people! WCF provides an excellent opportunity to step forward and make a difference.”



“Why do I do it? Because I feel that nobody should have to go without help and basic needs. People I help have lost homes and family members on the way to safety yet they are inspiration and only from them I have learnt what true courage, strength and love means. So, even if I can provide those in need with the means of a small piece of comfort, a little bit of warmth or even a smile it is all worthwhile”

Fergus McDonald

Business Entrepreneur and Technology Advisor

I’m incredibly lucky to have been born in the rich world. Too many people in the world do not have food, shelter, safety, clean water or other such basic needs and feel like we should do what we can to help them.

Jumshed Chaudry

Business Banking Specialist

I volunteer primarily to help those are vulnerable in the world we live in. I am blessed to be in a position that I can make a little difference to those that needed it the most. My heart bleeds when I see fellow brothers/sisters, innocent children suffering from having a lack of the basics of shelter, food/water and medicine. I am extremely grateful that WCF has given me the opportunity to help through giving up my time to go on numerous aid missions to refugee camps in Lebanon and initially to parts of Europe. I also look to support the local refugees that have arrived in our communities by liaising with the local councils to help with any essential needs that are required to support them. Through various fundraising activities, teamwork and networking it is pleasing to see the growth of the WCF charity from its inception.

Ready to Volunteer?

If you’re interested in volunteering please email us at info@worldcarefoundation.org or click the button to fill out our volunteer form.

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