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Maulana Sohail’s Ramadan Visit to Lebanon to Help Syrian Refugees

Lebanon Trip Moulana Sohail Imam of Blackhall Mosque.

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Alhamdulillah with your duas our beloved imam moulana sohail will be travelling to Lebanon to distribute your zakat,sadaqah,fitrana/zakatul fitr with his own hands to the Syrian widows & orphans.

This Ramadan we have been given an opportunity to travel to Lebanon to personally help Syrian refugees especially widows & Orphans.

We will visit refugee camps, needy families, orphanages and refugee shelters to provide support where needed most.

As you are already aware since the war started in Syria, its neighbouring countries such as Lebanon have experienced an overflow of more than 3 million refugees.

Refugees having fled war with little provisions, face daily battles for food, accommodation, medicine, health care and other basic needs of life.

The conditions are extremely poor. Hundreds and thousands living in camps with very basic facilities whilst others just survive in the poorest unimaginable conditions.

At such large-scale crisis orphans, elderly, widows and the sick suffer most.


We will help and provide them with the following items:

  • Cash support for widows (Zakat and Sadaqah)
  • Clothes for Orphans
  • Food boxes for widows and poor families
  • General support for poor families
  • Help pay for medical cases
  • Help pay to keep orphanages open
  • Help disabled and medical cases
  • Serve iftar to orphans at our orphanages (17 orphanages)
  • Give eid gifts to orphans
  • Hand deliver zakat to widows



Please support these fellow humans in need at their time of difficulty.



You can also join us on a trip if you are interested to come with me than reach out please.


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World Care Foundation is a registered charity who operate a 100% Donation Policy.

All of your donations are spent solely on what you donated for to help the worlds neediest people.

Our volunteers pay for their own travel so donations reach the needy in full.

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