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Love 4 Parents

Since our first day in this world, 2 individuals came into our life.

But our relationship with them started along time before our arrival in this dunya. It started from the moment when they made a dua and longed for us to come to reality.

In many cases these individuals often cried at nights and gave charity so that we could be given a life.

It is their request from Allah swt that brought us to life.

And then after our birth started a tiring, stressful and non-ending journey to care for us, worry for us, spend day & night thinking about us, putting up with our shortcomings, guiding us, spending entire energy for us until they physically become unable to do so.

These two individuals are our parents.

Really, we can never repay their debt.

If our parents are with us; we must make the most of our time with them in love, care and obedience to them.

May Allah bless them with health, happiness and a life of comfort.

If one or both have left us, may Allah bless his infinite mercy on their souls, bless them with the reward of Jannah without any reckoning and take us to Jannah so we can be with them again in Jannah. So we could feel the warmth of their hands rubbing on our faces so we could hug them. So we can talk to them again and see their smiles.

Ameen ya Rab Ya Rahman Ya Raheem

InshaAllah we should give charity so that our parents’ account of deeds increases through our actions.

By donating towards Sadaqah Jariyah Projects you will also reap endless rewards.

It is a gift for their Akhirah. May Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Loving, give all our parents Jannat ul Firdous.

  • Flour Mill – £2300
  • Rice Mill – £1700
  • Residence for Imam – £1,600 (Small House) £3700 (Big House)
  • Irrigation Project – £10000
  • Masjid 100sqm (Sadaqah Only) – £7000
  • Masjid 120sqm (Sadaqah Only) – £10000
  • Classroom – £4000 (Small) £5000 (Big)
  • School – £80000
  • Solar Panel – £100
  • Bore Hole Water Well – £3000
  • Food – £10 family pack
  • General Help – £10
  • Masjid – £5000
  • Orphanage – £5000 (contribution towards the costs)
  • Small Hand pump – Sindh £175
  • Community Hand Pump – Sindh £425
  • Small Hand pump – Baluchistan £225
  • Community Hand Pump -Baluchistan £450
  • Orphan Sponsorship £25 per month or £300 for one year
  • Masjid reconstruction £3000

The Messenger of Allah (saw) said:
‘When a person dies, his deeds come to an end except for three: Sadaqah Jariyah (a continuous charity), or knowledge from which benefit is gained, or a righteous child who prays for him’. (Sahih Muslim)


Please note full prices are indicated for each item/project. However, you can donate an amount that you wish.

But for a specific water well the price has to be paid in full. You can donate any amount towards “water projects” in general. All general funds will be used for construction of water wells where most needed.

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