Educated, talented, multi-skilled and confident youth will become strong individuals.


Guiding youth and young adults to achieve their utmost best in life and to help them into becoming strong, confident and independent human beings.

Specific objectives:

  • To develop interpersonal skills
  • To gain confidence
  • To gain social skills
  • To gain general knowledge of the world
  • To gain career and professional skills/ general skill development

Activities to meet the objectives 

Organise mentorships

Organise events/ talk/ seminars for personal development

Share information on media regarding student development programs etc

Career guidance events 

Events on networking with professionals

Share general deals etc and freebees for students, discount clubs

Organise competitions such as Quiz, debating, creativity etc

Sports Activities (weekly activities, challenges, football competitions, cycling etc)

Special tours and weekend away activities

Practical experience and apprenticeships plus visits to businesses etc (parliament, 

hospital, accountants, solicitors etc) 

General social fun activities at discounted rates (escape rooms, footy golf, bowling 


Monthly guest interview (Business, professional)

Subsidised and free games like football