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Hanzala, Sadiq & Sayed Fundraiser for Malawi Children & Water Well

£2,162 of £5,000 raised

Thank you for your interest in supporting us for the children in Malawi and Water Well.

Our target is to raise £5000 which will sponsor approximately 33 children for one year and install a Deep Bore Water Well for the Needy.

Education is vital in children’s upbringing to get them the start in life they need for their journey towards a successful future. It is the key which unlocks the potential of the next generation of leaders, doctors, teachers and change-makers.

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We strongly believe it is important to provide educational opportunities. Children will have a safe space for them to learn and have fun. We want the children to grow into adults who will one day rebuild their lives in peace.

Imagine not having access to clean water; something every human being has a right to and which we, take for granted.

Imagine trying to feed your children, to cook, grow crops or wash – without water. What more fundamental right does a mother have than to be able to turn on a tap or go to a pump and fetch the water she needs? The sad reality is that in many counties in Africa and Asia she can’t get what we view as our right, in every home, and for every minute of the day.

Now imagine if you could be the solution! to ensure a community or a whole village could have clean water instantly.

Charity is a key part of Ramadan and is obligatory to all able Muslims. The contributions we receive are used to provide a better life for those in need and giving during the month of Ramadan ensures you can reap the greatest rewards whilst simultaneously helping your brothers and sisters, please share across your friends and family.

Many thanks in advanced.
Hanzala, Sadiq & Sayed

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