Idlib, Syria

Improving Healthcare - Supporting Communities

Syria has endured over 12 years of a devastating civil war and conflict, severely damaging the country’s infrastructure, economy, and social fabric. This has caused immense suffering for millions, with 12.3 million individuals displaced within and outside the country, leaving them vulnerable and without necessities such as food, water, and shelter. The ongoing violence and instability have created a dire humanitarian crisis that shows no signs of abating.

One of the most critical challenges in northern Syria is the severe shortage of health facilities. Many hospitals and clinics have been destroyed or rendered inoperative, limiting access to medical care. The recent earthquake further damaged the fragile healthcare infrastructure, with 55 health facilities in northwest Syria affected and services suspended in 15 of them. This has drastically limited the population’s access to essential healthcare services, including emergency care, maternal and child health services, and treatment for chronic diseases.

There is an urgent need to restore the healthcare system in northwest Syria by rebuilding damaged facilities, providing essential medical supplies and equipment, and ensuring healthcare professionals are adequately trained and supported. Restoring the healthcare system is crucial to providing sustainable and reliable healthcare for the affected populations, helping to alleviate their suffering and improve their quality of life. International aid and support are essential in addressing this urgent need and helping the people of Syria rebuild their lives and communities.

World Care Foundation, in collaboration with key partners in Syria, is supporting a major initiative to deliver essential medical support to families in the Idlib region. By supporting the building of a new general hospital in Idlib called Al Quds Hospital, this new health facility will change the health service delivery across the region, improving accessibility to medical help for everyone.

New Al Quds Hospital

In response to these pressing issues, this project aims to construct a modern hospital building in Al Dana to meet the community's needs. The new Al Quds hospital will provide a safe, sustainable, and patient-cantered environment, addressing the limitations of the current hospital. The hospital will enhance its capacity to meet the needs of the surrounding population and significantly improve the quality of services offered.

Key areas of improvement in the new hospital will include infection control, medication management, safety, sustainability, and patient privacy. Enhanced infection control measures will help prevent the spread of diseases within the hospital, protecting both patients and healthcare workers. Improved medication management systems will ensure that patients receive accurate and timely treatments, reducing the risk of errors. Safety features will be incorporated throughout the facility to create a secure environment for patients and staff.

Sustainability will be a core focus in the design and operation of the new hospital. This includes using energy-efficient systems and environmentally friendly materials to minimise the hospital's ecological footprint. Additionally, the new building will provide better privacy for patients, ensuring they receive care in a dignified and respectful manner.

Overall, the construction of the Al Quds hospital in Al Dana represents a significant step forward in addressing the healthcare needs of the local population, including the large number of internally displaced persons (IDPs). By providing a modern, well-equipped facility, the project aims to improve health outcomes and enhance the quality of life for many vulnerable individuals in the region.

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