FITRANA (Zakat-Ul-Fitr)


When to give Fitrana?

The payment of Fitrana becomes obligatory after the sunset on the evening of the last fast of Ramadan. Once the moon of Shawaal is sighted, each person who is obliged to pay Fitrana must pay it forward, before the Eid day.


Who should give Fitrana?

People who are not needy and poor should pay Fitrana. If a family has one breadwinner and 6 dependants, he should pay for each one of his dependants.


How much to pay?

Each year there is a set amount that needs to be given, it fluctuates due to the changing socioeconomic conditions. Fitrana is measured as three and a half kilogram of wheat, barley, rice or any staple edible item for each person. If you don’t want to pay in terms of food, one can also pay in cash. The amount of money is settled through a conversion of the three and a half kilos of food into money.

This year Fitrana is £3 per person (applicable to children as well as adults).


Where will your Fitrana be paid and who to?

Your Fitrana will be paid to help the Syrian Victims of War.

How to Pay your Fitrana?

Donate in the donation field below the poster.