Honouring Our Sisters


Please support our ongoing efforts for Syrian widows and their children.
There are thousands of widows and children in need of our help, whilst
they may have fled the war but their daily battle and struggle to live a dignified life continues.

Living in a new country/ place and having to earn living, feed, clothe
children, find funds for education, health and let alone own needs;
their struggles are unimaginable. Many sisters have no choice but to
leave their children at home on their own whilst they go to work daily
or work nights.

Sadly many of them are subject to abuse due to their vulnerability.

We humbly request you to join us in easing their difficulties and suffering

You can also donate zakkat and saddaqah. We have a 100% donation policy so your donation fully reaches them we do not deduct any admin fees.

We will help Syrian sisters and their children in Syria, Turkey and Lebanon.

We have already set up children sponsor systems and currently sponsor 300 children.

We have 3 special Orphan and Widow centres in Lebanon and Syrian-Turkish border that provide much-needed shelter and support. We also offer individual support to each family as every family has its own needs.

You can also join us and go on charity trips and visit the families that you are helping. 

You can donate to support:

  • Widows in general (as a one off donation or regular monthly payments)
  • Orphans in general (as a one off donation or regular monthly payments)
  • Sponsor a child at £25gbp
  • Support a destitute family (as a one off donation or regular monthly payments)

Zakkat can also be donated to this appeal .

Contact us for more information 0131 524 0026 / info@worldcarefoundation.org

If you are looking to donate on monthly basis then please email us so we can send you information about the sisters/family that your donations will be helping.