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Dar Sayyidina Muhammad Rasulilah – Family 1

Family Name: Sobheye Al Sheikh

Orphan Name: Khaled Al Freij
Orphan Age: 7

Orphan Name: Maha Al Freij
Orphan Age: 9

£1,050 of £1,560 raised

Ihya college are extremely humbled and honoured to have established an orphanage in Lebanon which houses orphan children and their mothers (widows).

The honour in supporting an orphan cannot be explained in words. It is one the highest of noble deeds.
The Prophet (saw) said, ‘The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be together in Paradise like this’, and he (saw) held his two fingers together to illustrate. [Bukhari]  

Every child has the right to a home; feeling cared for, loved and safe. Unfortunately, for thousands of Orphans in Lebanon, this is just a wishful dream.  

In addition to a place which the children can call home, the orphanage will provide a safe residence, education and overall support for their needs.  

With the ongoing support of donors, IHYA college has launched a the Family Support Project. With the monthly donations the families are able to pay for their basic needs such as food, education, medical and other basic essential needs.  

£80 a month widow support 

£40 a month over 10 year old orphan 

£25  a month under 10 years old orphan 


Widow Support 

Widowed women face the ultimate struggle in soothing, comforting, and providing for multiple children grieving for their father. With no opportunity to work, no childcare help and living in shelters or makeshift homes, life is very tough. Basic human necessities such as warmth and food are a struggle. Clean running water is a luxury. Education is just a dream. And the grief never ends. 

Our widow support of £80 a month will sponsor a widow and ensure the below needs are met;  

  • Food / Drink
  • Clothing
  • Essentials
  • Medicine


Orphan Sponsorship

When you sponsor an orphan child, you’ll help protect and empower the most vulnerable children in the world and make sure their community becomes thriving and self-sufficient. Sponsoring a child is the chance for you to build a connection with a child and watch as you change their world forever. 


Our Orphan support of £25 a month will sponsor an orphan (under 10 years old) and ensure that we are able to

  • Food/Drink
  • Clothing
  • Provide education
  • School Transport
  • Medical
  • Essentials.


Our Orphan support of £40 a month will sponsor an orphan (10+) and ensure that we are able to

  • Food/Drink
  • Clothes
  • Provide education
  • School Transport
  • Medical
  • Essentials.


We have a duty to provide for these children. Please join us in this noble cause. You will truly make a huge difference in the lives of many children. We pray that Allah Almighty rewards you the best for your kindness.  




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