Day 3 Lebanon September 2018 Aid Mission

Day 3 

Tough day today emotionally
– Visited several Refugee families in Saida and Beirut to assess their needs to help them insha’Allah.
-Most of the cases require medical care which they can not afford. Some of those who we did/will be helping include:
1. Child around 10 years old with lymphoma
2. Pre-school child with thalassaemia
3. A young boy with cerebral palsy
4. Lady with severe PTSD who watched her husband being killed in-front of her
5. An elderly man who had his leg amputated and needs a prosthetic leg. He has no family to help him.
6. Man who has become paralysed and has no family. He relies on his neighbours to care from him both medically and personally.
-We relocated a refugee family to a new house and paid for 3 months rent. The family are living in a shelter and have been asked to move out. Their only option is the street as they have no income because the father has stomach cancer.