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Dar Al Amaan Orphanage Lebanon

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Dar al Amaan (“House of Protection”) is a Widow’s & Orphans Centre in the Beqaa Valley, just over the mountains from Syria, which is the final building in a small centre of orphanages. 

As well as providing the basic necessities (safe shelter, electricity, and heating), Dar al Amaan allows children more than just the ability to live. It allows access to education.

Education, that most critical area of our human development, is sadly taken from the children who live in refugee camps, many of whom are unable to ever access formal teaching. 

As the humanitarian crisis in Syria has become more and more catastrophic, the number of refugees in neighbouring Lebanon has increased, with Lebanon itself unable to cope with the sheer volume of refugees given its own crises. We have been to WCF’s centres and seen the work they have done with our own eyes: this centre in Beqaa Valley is one we spent several hours at, stunned by the kindness and optimism of those whose journeys there are so devastating, and by the great work from World Care Foundation’s team on the ground. 

Taking the final building in the small estate (5 in total) allows us to take additional safety and security measures, as well as adding to a successful community of widows and orphans who are afforded the ability to look to the future, often for the first time in many years, rather than focus solely on survival. 

By supporting 16 widows and 48 children (the capacity of this building), we hope to provide a place of true hope and friendship, and we welcome donors to visit and see the centre for yourselves.

Thank you for supporting the orphanage, we have seen how your support will truly have an impact.

The Prophet (pbuh) said:
“Myself and the one who cares for an Orphan will be together in Paradise like this, and he held his two fingers together” –  Sahl ibn Sad 

World Care Foundation donates 100% of funds received.

For those with Workplace Give-As-You-Earn schemes, WCF’s CAF number is 91000714117. Please reach out to ensure your donation goes to the right place, and ask your HR team to add “Dar al Amaan” as a reference.

“Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven”
Henry W. Beecher

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