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Cycle 4 Life

Supporting Cancer patients and their families

Why Join This Challenge:

Get your cycling skills in motion, achieve a personal challenge and support a great cause at the same time

No matter at which level you are at,– whether you’re a new cyclist or a cycling enthusiast – You can all join in!

Some life ending wars are taking place everywhere, in our societies our homes our neighbourhoods!

Even a mention of the word cancer gives us chills! But for millions of human beings this is a reality which they face day in day out.

Many lose their lives, families are destroyed and for some cancer patients and their family’s cancer is a life long struggle with depression, despair, financial struggle and much more that words cannot describe.

Each cancer patient represents his/her family and humanity by extension as part of a global family. Whilst cancer treatments in the developed world are expensive and often difficult to reach but imagine life of cancer patients in the developing countries where particularly the underprivileged suffer the most. Many simply cannot afford the treatment and pass away.

This mammoth challenge is organised in support of and in solidarity with the cancer patients and their families. We would like to raise funds and raise awareness of cancer and its effects in the lives of the patients and their families.

For more information:
Contact: 07961 063063
Email: shoaib@worldcarefoundation.org

We aim to reach out and help:

  • Patients in need of financial help to pay for treatments
  • Charities by providing specific equipment and medicine
  • Families of cancer patients with counselling, general support and financial support
  • Patients and facilities where needed most
  • Support other charities in general
  • Promote a better understanding of how communities can support cancer suffering families

We want everyone to be part of this challenge, one can participate either for the full 6 days or for 1 day only.

The Challenge – Everyone Welcome to Join (Full or Part of the Challenge):

Starting from Edinburgh then travelling through scenic Scotland supported by our “Facilities Team” in their support vehicles, the cyclists will cover 529 miles in 6 days.

There will be a support vehicle for the entire journey from start to finish, our volunteers will be on hand whenever the cyclists may need them. The support vehicle will follow the cyclists and provide support wherever needed and will include; first aid kit, basic bike spares and essentials such as Water, food etc

The Route and the Dates Are:

Start Sat 17th September – Finish Sat 22nd September

  • Day 1 Edinburgh – Glasgow to Arrochar – 86 miles
  • Day 2 Arrochar to Oban – 86 miles
  • Day 3 Oban to Inverness- 109 miles
  • Day 4 Inverness to Aberdeen – 110 miles
  • Day 5 Aberdeen to Dundee – 78 miles
  • Day 6 Dundee to Edinburgh – 60 miles

Whether you are an experienced rider who is looking to put in some serious mileage or a complete beginner on your first ever cycle challenge, you can join us and go on an incredible adventure for one day or all of the 6 day challenge.

Join the Challenge and Raise Funds for World Care Foundation

Registration fee: None

Join the Challenge and Raise Funds for Another Charity

Registration fees are as below (to cover support vehicle, essential food and accommodation):

  • Registration fee to participate for full 6 days: £500
  • Registration fee to participate for one day: £150 (£75 thereafter)
  • Registration fee to participate for one day without accommodation: £75
To Join

Complete an online form at the following link:

How Can Non-cyclists Support
  • Donate to show support to the cyclists’ efforts and for the cause
  • Volunteer when they arrive at each destination
  • Join in to support the admin work
  • Sponsor the challenge costs – see business sponsorship options here CLICK FOR SPONSORSHIP INFO

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