Salam School – Lebanon

Education is vital in children’s upbringing to get them the start in life they need for their journey towards a successful future. It is the key which unlocks the potential of the next generation of leaders, doctors, teachers and change-makers. The catastrophic crisis in the Far East has left children unable to attend school and […]

Dar Al Hikma Education Centre

Dar al Hikma Education Centre has started! The Syrian children living in Arsal camps have started attending the Dar al Hikma Education Centre. The children will receive general education including Quran studies. The centre will provide a great tool to upskill and gain important lessons for life. JazakAllah and Thank you to all who have […]

Threads Of Care

Our chain of Women’s Empowerment Centres employs vulnerable women from underprivileged communities and enables them to earn their living with dignity. We have 2 Threads of Care branches in Lebanon and 1 in Malawi. These centers manufacture clothes and also plan to train local women to setup their own shops. All volunteers at the World […]


Donate Zakat Locally Give Zakat to help brothers and sisters in the UK There are many brothers and sisters in our own local communities who are in urgent need of help but often don’t know where to seek financial help. There are matters of personal dignity which also prevent those in need to seek for […]

Water Wells

Imagine not having access to clean water; something every human being has a right to and which we, take for granted. Imagine trying to feed your children, to cook, grow crops or wash – without water. What more fundamental right does a mother have than to be able to turn on a tap or go […]

Enable – Supporting The Disabled

Project Enable – Supporting The Disabled It is our extreme privilege that we are able to help and support our disabled fellow human beings in any way we can to ease their difficulties. We provide: Prosthetic items Mobility Items (wheelchairs, zimmer frames,crutches and more) Medical Care Physiotherapy General support to enable work and independence The […]

Africa Development Project

THE CRISIS Millions of people in Africa are facing very severe living conditions. With no fault of their own, people are stuck in poverty-stricken communities and have no way out. Lack of food, education and jobs make it extremely difficult for them to look after their families. They are trying to survive on what little […]