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YOUR ZAKAT MEANS MORE TO THE WORLD FULL OF CRISIS CLICK HERE TO DONATE We have seen chaos in the west imagine how hard it is in the poor countries. The current global hunger and malnutrition crisis is of unprecedented magnitude. According to WFP estimates, more than 333 million people in 78 countries, where data […]


OPPORTUNITY TO PROVIDE RAMADAN MEALS IN GAZA CLICK HERE TO DONATE Currently, 1.5 million people, including hundreds of thousands of children who have lost their families, are displaced in Gaza. Despite the dangerous conditions in the region, our aid response remains focused on delivering support to those struggling to survive. The region faces violence and […]


Families in Gaza need our help to survive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Y2myO6_FMs The people of Gaza have been facing a relentless and unprecedented campaign of violence since the 7th of October 2023. 27,000 have lost their lives. And 70% of those killed are children and women. Tens of thousands of injured people are unable to get adequate medical […]


CLICK HERE TO AUTOMATE YOUR DONATION Ramadan is a month of giving and benefiting from the Akhirah. Alhamdulillah Great News, you can now donate each day in Ramadan automatically! You can now automate your daily donations so that you don’t miss out on the Ajjar, especially during the last 10 days of Ramadan to maximise your Ajjar […]


CLICK HERE TO DONATE Ramadan is a month of mercy, giving and earning reward. Islam shows us importance of helping our brothers and sisters who are suffering from devastating effects of poverty and struggling to survive all over the world. By providing them with food packs to last them through Ramadan this will give them […]


OPPORTUNITY TO PROVIDE RAMADAN MEALS CLICK HERE TO DONATE Around the world, millions will struggle to open and break their fast, simply because they cannot afford sufficient food for themselves or their families. Wars, natural disasters, famine, poverty and various crises have caused extreme pain and suffering to countless people. Today, World Care Foundation are […]

Pakistan Orphanages

We have an orphanage in Gujranwala and planning to open one in Faisalabad These orphanages aim to provide Housing, Food, Healthcare, Clothing, Personal Development, General Recreation and School Fees. A truly comprehensive setup that does not only provide a safe place to stay but actually builds bright futures. Donate your zakat and Sadaqah to our […]

Sponsor Education for a Child in Malawi School

Give them a chance and hope for a better future. Only for £60 you can sponsor a whole year of a child’s education costs at our school in Malawi. Education is vital in children’s upbringing to get them the start in life they need for their journey towards a successful future. It is the key […]


Thousands of Syrian women are in need of urgent support, many of whom undertook a treacherous journey to neighbouring countries with their children and little belongings. Click here to Donate https://youtu.be/7_Mei6e3zOI These sisters are facing extreme hardship on a daily basis with no real support mechanisms. Food, water, medical bills and rent are some of […]


DONATE YOUR ZAKAT RAMADAN 2024 ZAKAT APPEALS CLICK HERE TO DONATE YOUR ZAKAT Here we’ve answered some frequently asked questions about the Islamic obligation that’s second only to Salah (prayer), and provided more information about how your Zakat reaches our Zakat-eligible projects at World Care Foundation (WCF).   What is Zakat?  Zakat is the third pillar […]

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