Cancer Appeal

Supporting Cancer patients and their families Some life ending wars are taking place everywhere, in our societies our homes our neighbourhoods! Even a mention of the word cancer gives us chills! But for millions of human beings this is a reality which they face day in day out. Many lose their lives, families are destroyed […]

Earthquake Appeal Afghanistan

More than 1,000 people died in the disaster and over 1500 people injured Unknown numbers were buried in the rubble of ruined, often mud-built homes by the magnitude 6.1 earthquake. Thousands are trapped and homeless which means they require urgent support immediately even for basic items such as food, clothing, medical needs etc Click here […]

Bangladesh Floods Appeal

4.3 Million people have been impacted due to the flooding in Sylhet/ NORTH-East region of Bangladesh. Whole communities and infrastructure has been destroyed. Thousands are trapped and homeless which means they require urgent support immediately even for basic items such as food, clothing, medical needs etc Urgent support must be provided for a wide range […]

Pakistan Orphanages

We have an orphanage in Gujranwala and planning to open one in Faisalabad These orphanages aim to provide Housing, Food, Healthcare, Clothing, Personal Development, General Recreation and School Fees. A truly comprehensive setup that does not only provide a safe place to stay but actually builds bright futures. Donate your zakat and Sadaqah to our […]

Sponsor Education for a Child in Malawi School

Give them a chance and hope for a better future. Only for £60 you can sponsor a whole year of a child’s education costs at our school in Malawi. Education is vital in children’s upbringing to get them the start in life they need for their journey towards a successful future. It is the key […]

Sisters in Need

Thousands of Syrian women are in need of urgent support, many of whom undertook a treacherous journey to neighbouring countries with their children and little belongings. These sisters are facing extreme hardship on a daily basis with no real support mechanisms. Food, water, medical bills and rent are some of the items on their urgent […]

Yemen Food Appeal

Poor innocent Yemeni brothers and sisters have been suffering due to a brutal conflict. It has killed and injured tens of thousands of civilians, causing immense suffering for the Yemeni people. The end to the suffering is not in sight. At this day and age it is inconceivable to see fellow humans suffering for food. […]

Refugee Families Support Appeal

CRISIS APPEAL FOR HOMELESS REFUGEES LEBANON – OUZAI SHELTER Crisis has not ended for many refugee families… it may have just restarted. We have launched an urgent appeal to help Syrian refugee families who have been asked to leave a shelter where they stayed for several year. More than 250 Syrian refugee families stayed at […]


Donate Zakat Locally Give Zakat to help brothers and sisters in the UK There are many brothers and sisters in our own local communities who are in urgent need of help but often don’t know where to seek financial help. There are matters of personal dignity which also prevent those in need to seek for […]

Water Wells

Imagine not having access to clean water; something every human being has a right to and which we, take for granted. Imagine trying to feed your children, to cook, grow crops or wash – without water. What more fundamental right does a mother have than to be able to turn on a tap or go […]