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Cancer Appeal

Supporting Cancer patients and their families

Some life ending wars are taking place everywhere, in our societies our homes our neighbourhoods!

Even a mention of the word cancer gives us chills! But for millions of human beings this is a reality which they face day in day out.

Many lose their lives, families are destroyed and for some cancer patients and their family’s cancer is a life long struggle with depression, despair, financial struggle and much more that words cannot describe.

Each cancer patient represents his/her family and humanity by extension as part of a global family. Whilst cancer treatments in the developed world are expensive and often difficult to reach, imagine life of cancer patients in the developing countries where particularly the underprivileged suffer the most. Many simply cannot afford the treatment and pass away.

We aim to reach out and help:

  • Patients in need of financial help to pay for treatments
  • Charities by providing specific equipment and medicine
  • Families of cancer patients with counselling, general support and financial support
  • Patients and facilities where needed most
  • Support other charities in general
  • Promote a better understanding of how communities can support cancer suffering families

Please donate to this worthy cause.

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