A Gift For a Loved One

Give a gift that lasts forever…sponsor an orphan as a gift for your loved ones. Put a smile on the faces of the children as a gift on your loved ones’ behalf..a gift that will last forever. Ideal for sadaqah jariya for someone special.

You can setup a monthly sponsorship of £25 or or you can make a one off donation to the Orphans Support Fund. This is also zakkat compliant.

We will provide details including photograph of the child that you will sponsor as well as regular updates from time to time.

As we operate a 100% donation to cause policy therefore all donated/sponsored funds are allocated to the cause/child. There are no admin fees charged.

The Syrian children that we support are living in Syria, Lebanon and Turkey.

This donation will not just mean to your loved one but it will make a world of a difference in the lives of the children that we help, many of those are straggling on a daily basis for basic needs of life.

You can also donate via bank or phone:

Account 62312490/ sort code 09-01-28