Kidney Dialysis Lebanon Appeal

SAVING LIVES.. is exactly what this appeal is about. It cannot get more crucial, urgent and desperate.


Aadel (75), Ali (40), Faysal (33), Moayad, Tayser, Rafat (32), Ali, Khalil (81), Mahmoud (35), Mansour (50), Mohamad (35), Ghasan, Sayer, Hussein, Mazen, Abdel (48), Yehya (56), Janied (61), Zahra (64), Samaher (27), Ewisha (45), Nahle (35), Amshaa, Sobhe, Rokaya, Fatima, Abeer, Nabha (66), Asia (34), Aafaf (27), Mariam (31), Huda (35)

These are names of individuals who are appealing for us to save their lives… It is indeed as serious, graphic, urgent and desperate as that. It is a matter of life…

As if the life was not already tough for these helpless, innocent people displaced from their houses and separated from their loved ones.

The Lebanese Ministry of Public Health has recently stopped providing financial support to Syrian refugees who need kidney dialysis. These are the individuals whose very life depends on this costly procedure 2-3 times per week. Our local partner in Lebanon, Salam, have identified 31 such patients requiring urgent intervention. Without dialysis, these unwell patients might perish in matter of days. It is that serious!

With Salam, donors and supporters like you, we are aiming to do everything we can, to help keep them alive.

The biggest issue is that the treatment costs approx. 400 USD per week per person, so for 31 its 12400 USD per week.

We are exploring all other options including government pressure, reaching out to large NGO’s, setting up private clinics, organise equipment etc etc… basically we are doing all we can to save these lives, but in the meantime, we need funds to keep the treatment going.

It is literally like helping someone drowning and your hand is the difference between life and death.

Dr Ali is leading this appeal for Edinburgh Cares, please join us in saving these fellow unfortunate human beings, anyone of us could have been in their shoes.

Please donate what you can, speak to everyone you know. You can also organise fundraising events like bake sale, take on a personal challenge etc. Let’s do all what we can and save lives. Remember, you are their only hope. Lets not fail them.

You can donate here

or into the bank

Edinburgh Cares account: : 62312490 / sort code 09-01-28. pls mention KIDNEY DIALYSIS in the reference