We have witnessed horrific events in the Syrian war, millions have been displaced, hundreds and thousands have lost their lives. There is no end to the war and the suffering is increasing. Amongst the victims are widows and orphans whose plight cannot go unnoticed, we invite you to take part in the Great Edinburgh Run to raise funds for our ongoing projects to help Syrian widows and orphans displaced now in Turkey, Lebanon and inside Syria. We have also recently organised 2 centres near the Syrian border in order to provide free accommodation and food to widows and orphans.

This a great cause and your efforts will make a significant difference in the lives of widows and children that you will help.

Edinburgh Great Run is a famous 5k run challenge and your efforts on the day should appeal to many. Donations can be raised before the event, on the day and after the run. You must inform all your contacts of your noble efforts for such a great cause.



The 5K run will be held on Saturday 7th January 2017 from 9:30am in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh



You will need to go to and register with the organiser directly, there is a small entry fee of £21 pounds paid directly to the organise but the donations will be made separately.

Please let us know once you have registered so we can keep a log of all entrants. 


You can make a free donations link on BT MyDonate site. Search Edinburgh Cares and then select the personal challenge option.

Alternatively we can make a link for you or you can share the following group link that we have made as a backup for collection of donations:

You can collect donations by asking your friends, family, colleagues or any other donor to donate online.

You can also use a traditional form of a basic donations form to collect donations, if you would like one then please contact us and we can send you a copy.

Donations are 100% donation based. So every penny raised from your efforts will go directly to the cause.


Email us on

Tel: 07971 198658