Save Miriam


Edinburgh Cares and UK Action for Refugees are working in partnership for this urgent appeal.

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2 year old Miriam a Syrian refugee in Jordan has been horrifically burned. Her treatment will be long and painful and her parents have no funds to pay for this.

She has severe infections which need urgent treatments. She will need multiple operations and several all body treatments.

We will need to support her for long term and need your cooperation for this urgently.




Miriam`s Update # 2 – 12 JUNE

She just went out of the main operation to close the deep scare on her back, this was done successfully , thanks god.
Her mom says she is more bright and calm now.

Result of this operation will be in two days and another operation to be done later to hide the burn scares.
Estimation two more operations by her doctor.
We continue to rise fund for this angel hospital fees.

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Miriam`s Update # 3 – JUNE 13

Miriam is resting for now, doctor will change the bandages after the Iftar time , around 09 Europe time. She is sleeping and resting

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Miriam`s Update # 4 JUNE 14

Tomorrow this little angel will have another surgery to remove those skin holders from her body after successful skin graft surgery and to do another skin graft operation.

The general situation of Miriam is good ” says her doctor ” but she might need more days in the hospital.



Miriam’s Update #5 August 16

SMILES ALL ROUND …. Great news to share with you all. Miriam has had all her operations and procedures and now she is back home. She has done really well and from being severely burnt and infections to now she is one strong girl.

We wish to thank everyone who donated and supported this cause and those who shared the appeal. Grateful to you all ..

She has fully recovered and this was all made possible to everyone supported her. We can make a difference.

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Edinburgh Cares bought Miriam a few toys to play with as well.


Thankfully Miriam has now fully recovered but there are many more children who now urgently need our help and support.

You can donate on the following link and comment “medical care for children”