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Nermin, 1 year and 7 months old. She is admitted with septic and hypovolemic shock secondary to perforated appendix history started 7 days ago with severe abdominal pain and fever, so she developed multiple intra-abdominal abscess, she was operated 2 times and she needs financial aid to complete intensive antibiotic treatment. She needs a long term treatment because she developed intraabdominal infection secondary to perforation with MRD and  E.coli, Intraabdominal abscess, transcutaneous drainage done and she needs total parenteral nutrition.  Was admitted to Bekaa hospital Lebanon on June 26th and will need longer treatment. $1865 is required for her treatment.

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Reference: Nermin

BANK: Edinburgh Cares, Account no 62312490, sort code: 09-01-28

Reference: Nermin

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