Our Work

We are currently running a number of projects locally in Edinburgh, as well as throughout the UK and internationally.

UK and Edinburgh

We offer free food for the homeless in the UK.

  • Step in my shoes
  • Disaster relief UK
  • General support and welfare programme in the UK
  • Hospitals and hospices social support for the elderly
  • Sports academy and sports challenges to raise funds

Find out more about our UK projects and our Edinburgh projects.


  • Human welfare and disaster relief – current focus on Syria and Lebanon
  • Orphan support
  • Small industry and development projects in Syria and Lebanon

We are very grateful to all our supporters, volunteers, partner organisations, supporters, donors and well-wishers. We know that a successful aid mission only happens as a joint effort.

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Past Projects

Find out more about our past projects and aid missions.


Our Projects


Since its first aid mission in Sept 2015 to Croatia and subsequent visits to 8 other countries to provide emergency relief; Edinburgh Cares continues to identify areas where essential aid such as food, water, medicine and other urgent aid is required.

Our structure of aid delivery is based on setting up systems that are managed and supervised by our own volunteers. Thus allowing full participation, monitoring and evaluation of each and every single aid project.

In response to the ongoing Syrian war crisis our current focus is on providing emergency relief to Syrian victims of war in Syria, Turkey and Lebanon. However, we are committed to responding to crisis anywhere in the world.



In this day and age no one should go hungry. Full Plate is a platform through which individuals, communities, groups and businesses can work together to tackle hunger in our communities in the UK through free food tables and collaborative grassroots initiatives.

Currently, we have organised a free food table in Edinburgh for homeless and anyone else in need of help for food. We also deliver food to homeless shelters and are in the process of organising a referral based food delivery program.

You can join us as a volunteer, or partner with us to provide food or funding ensuring no one remains hungry in our own communities.



Children are the most vulnerable members of society and need consistent care and support to grow into healthy human beings.

Sadly, however, millions of children do not have access to food, clean water, clothes, education or healthcare due to war, natural disasters or other unfortunate circumstances.

The Syrian war has destroyed lives of thousands of children therefore we have initiated a specific Syrian orphan and children in need sponsorship program to provide support in essential aspects of life such as food, medical care, education, clothes and accommodation.

Our programme for orphans and children in need ensures long term support and a personal development program for each child. We know each child is different; through our comprehensive and carefully structured support programs we aspire to meet each child’s specific needs. In certain cases requirements are much more than just a monthly sponsorship amount, for such cases we manage a separate support fund. This could be anything from emergency medical needs to urgent clothing etc. Whatever the needs, we aspire to give each child the best possible care in the given circumstances.

These sponsorship programs also facilitate a close relationship with the sponsor and child in order to create a true environment of personal care and association. Updates and reports and provided to sponsors.

We require your immediate help as the number of vulnerable children is increasing with no immediate solution. Your sponsorship can change lives of innocent children by providing essential support and hope. Every child deserves a happy worry free childhood.



Medics 4 All is an independent medical division of Edinburgh Cares which strives to provide medical care in crisis stricken regions all over the world as well as general areas in need of medical care.

Our initial focus is on the Syrian refugees for what is shaping to be the biggest humanitarian crisis of this century. Civil war within Syria has killed hundreds and thousands of people directly and forced millions to risk death as they flee for safety. Estimates place over 1.5 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon and similar or high numbers in Turkey. Agencies working to support refugees in various countries as well as victims of war inside Syria are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people in need of urgent care.

We have supplied equipment to hospitals in Syria such as incubators, oxygen concentrators, wheelchairs, bone fixators as well as industrial electrical generators.

We need your urgent support as the causalities and medical emergencies are constantly increasing. Access to medical care and medicine is every humans right. You can provide general funding for our medical support work or for specific medical equipment for hospitals to treat Syrian victims of war.