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Children are the most vulnerable members of society and they should be provided with essential support & care. Currently, we sponsor more than 350 Syrian orphans in Turkey, Lebanon and Syria. We provide individual, long-term support for their daily essentials, such as food, accommodation, education, clothing and medical care.

It is unfortunate that some of these children do not have access to even the basic necessities of life but thankfully with the help of donors World Care Foundation can make sure they are looked after. By sponsoring these innocent children we can help towards their needs such as food, accommodation, health clothes and education as required by each child.

We provide details including photograph of the child that you will sponsor as well as regular updates from time to time.
As we operate a 100% donation to cause policy therefore all donated/sponsored funds are allocated to the cause/child. There are no admin fees charged.


Displaced widows with little or no means to live are extremely vulnerable. They are left to endure unimaginable conditions with no income, living in shop fronts and even having to resort to begging at times. In order to provide a safe and respectable place for them to live, and a provision of living costs, we have 2 orphanages in Turkey, designed to host both widows and orphans from Syria.


In this day and age, no individual should go without basic access to healthcare. We identify and manage various medical projects, provision of medical equipment, as well as management of individual medical cases in crisi stricken regions around the world. We have supplied essential equipment to hospitals in Syria and provided essential medical care to individuals through payment for their medical procedures or ongoing medication.
Our latest projects include building a medical facility for Women in Pakistan, where we will offer free medical health care programmes related to Post- and antenatal care, Malnutrition and Mental Health, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, General Medicine and Cancer screening services.

We are in the process of establishing a Residential Rehabilitation Centre for disabled  and injured Syrians in Turkey


After having suffered war and displacement, adjustment to this new way of life can be unimaginably hard, especially in the case of families where family members have suffered disability or severely injured. We fully support such families covering their accommodation and living expenses, thereby easing their burden of distress considerably.


Our project Full Plate tackles hunger impacting our local communities. We provide free food and aid baskets to the homeless, and those in need, within the Edinburgh community. We are currently engaging with other local community-based organisations to organise a referral-based food delivery programme. Our long-term aims are to see the eradication of poverty both on a local level and a global level.


We have a designated task force that responds to the urgent emergency needs of individuals or communities exposed to dire conditions. We provide emergency support, food, shelter, water and medical equipment for those forced into homelessness and left destitute by war, oppression, natural disasters and any other unfortunate circumstances.


We have incorporated a new project, One World into WCF and are currently delivering workshops within Schools. These workshops are designed to focus on raising awareness around the issues faced by refugees, and to provide cultural orientation to dispel any myths surrounding refugees, whilst aiming to eliminate xenophobia. This presents a unique opportunity for our children to broaden their thinking and inclusion into wider societies.


Our Community Sponsorship Program is currently developing a Refugee resettlement plan to submit to the Home Office. We have worked closely with Edinburgh Council to plan to support and resettle a refugee family, by providing them with a home and facilities to live in comfort and safety, thus ensuring a smooth welcoming process.

An extension to this project is to provide services including telephone helpline, community integration, language classes, employability skills, befriending and general aid.


There is nothing more satisfying than helping someone in need with your own hands. We constantly inspire volunteers and donors to join us on aid missions, therefore participating personally, in delivery of aid, whilst also overseeing the project. We have organised multiple volunteer led aid missions to Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, Macedonia, Greece, Syria, Turkey and Lebanon. This also gives a first-hand experience of our aid delivery processes.