Orphan Appeal


Children are the most innocent people in this world and unfortunately they are the most in need. Orphans are the innocent victims of war, natural disaster and political turmoil left without parents or only their mother. With over 200 million orphans worldwide we have many more lives to save. It is vital that these children get the support that they deserve. It is shocking what children in countries like Syria, Lebanon and Palestine have to endure on a daily basis. Many children do not have access to food, clean water, clothes, education or healthcare. Educating children and providing them with good healthcare helps reduce poverty and conquer diseases, providing future generations with the tools of self reliance and empowerment. If we could all sponsor just one orphan, the positive impact on their lives and yours would be unimaginable. The children in this world are the most vulnerable members of society who need consistent care and support to grow and prosper.


Edinburgh Cares have set up an orphan sponsorship program to support those children who are most in need. Children without both parents or without a father are considered an orphan, we have identified many children who are orphans and are in need of support urgently. Currently we will sponsor children in Lebanon, we have formed a partnership with an organization to support these children and regularly update us on their progress. Our one to one child sponsorship programme allows the money to go directly from the sponsor to the sponsored child.


A full child sponsorship will cost £35 a month which will only go towards accomtremodation, food, medical needs, clothing and education. Sponsors will receive quarterly updates about the child.  We offer long term support and commitment to a child throughout their struggles. We have partnered with local services to ensure children are being looked after to the highest standard.  Let’s brighten up the lives of as many suffering innocent children as we can and give them hope for a better future. There is also an option to co-sponsor a child which will cost 50p a day or you can make a one off donation to the general orphan support fund. The general orphan support fund is dedicated to orphans and children in need, this entails providing help over and above sponsorships and in the event when child needs special help for example medical treatment which cannot be covered through monthly amounts or other essential items.




You can also join us on aid missions, contact us for further

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