Step in my shoes – freedom to walk


Providing refugees with dry shoes

From chemical gas attacks to beatings and torture, refugees have faced unimaginable atrocities that we here in Britain couldn’t even imagine. In the face of this, it’s easy to feel helpless, but there are practical things we can do to help.

We’ve launched Step in my shoes, an initiative to provide refugees with wet shoes, or even no shoes, with boots and shoes to keep their feet warm and dry.


Step in my shoes came out of our recent visit to Lesvos, where we saw refugees arriving with soaking wet shoes. Some didn’t even have shoes at all and suffered horrifically from trench foot, their feet swollen and waterlogged.

We dried their feet and wrapped them in sandwich bags to keep them dry before putting wet shoes back on, knowing they risked frostbite and infection during their walk to Macedonia. But we thought, what if we could get them dry shoes? So Step in my shoes was born.

Get involved

Details about how you can help will be posted here very soon.

Contact us now to get involved in the planning stage. Our email is