Rehabilitation Centre


The conflict in Syria continues to produce history’s gravest displacement crisis and continues in the world today; generating dramatic levels of suffering, injury and death to innocent men, women and most of all children. The actions of the few shatter the lives of many along with their hopes and dreams for the future!

On the 22nd July 2017, some of our team members will be heading out to Turkey to help disabled Syrians.

We are looking for your urgent help to raise funds towards establishing a residence and a rehabilitation centre in Turkey for disabled and injured, along the Syrian border at Reyhanli.

Our budget for this is £60,000.

We can help them get on their feet and live a dignified life in the best way possible.

We will also identify and help urgent medical cases by providing medicine or treatment costs or equipment where needed.

You can donate and help us to build a residential Rehab centre by clicking on the link below. Give hope.

For more information check our our leaflet;A5_SYRIA_Zakaat