Never felt helpless as much as this..and Why on the last day ..
Where do we start and where do we end… all of us knew even before we got to Croatia about that difficult moment when we were going to leave this place knowing that people are in need of our help. Whilst we almost managed to control our emotions then two ladies with small children were found lost and separated from their husbands but the dilemma is that their husbands may still be in Croatia or may have boarded another train/bus to Hungary .. and there is no way to find out where they could be. Looking at tears flowing from their faces just broke us all and although we frantically looked on the train carriages and buses we couldn’t find their husbands anywhere. AND THEN. .. The moment when I found one of the husbands in a queue to board a train was just indescribable. I couldn’t believe that I found him my happiness was unmeasurable
So this is how
we managed to get one family reunited. Search goes on for the second…Noorah had no money so I offered some money to as a donation to help her as she may not see her husband for the next 3 4 or even 5 days so that at least at the next stop she can buy food if needed.
..but the honour of this women is so incredible that despite being vulnerable with 3 kids she didn’t want the money so I slipped it in her bag. Now if someone says to me these refugees are looking for money then they will have failed to understand millions of my sisters Noorah’s plight and efforts to save her life. She does not need our money. keep praying that Noorah finds her husband