This campaign aims to raise funds for Syrian orphans and to raise awareness about the plight of all Syrian victims of war.

I would like to stress that our support and involvement for worthy causes is extremely valuable. Every single minute of our time will make a direct impact on someone’s life. Every event organised, every pound raised, means you’ve helped someone affected by the Syrian war.

The core concept is that a dedicated campaign built on a series of high impact, exciting and grass root events & activities at various locations facilitated by hashtags, facebook shares, celebrity endorsements, politicians’/ high profile figures’ involvement and press coverage will attract significant attention from an extensive audience base; creating hype and highlighting the plight of Syrian victims of war.

Volunteers can join one of our current teams if you have skills or interest in the following areas or support/ organise  a one-off project as part of the campaign explained later in this message:

We require volunteers for a huge range of tasks such as;

  • organising events
  • marketing tasks
  • general support
  • networking
  • public relations
  • seek sponsorships
  • manage social media work
  • contact politicians
  • draft petitions
  • organise demos/ marches,
  • manage finance work
  • coordinate logistics

There is a role, task, project and a team for everyone to be part off.


you can organise a event or join a team.

If you don’t have much time then you can organaise a small easy to manage event such as a Sponsored Walk for Syria which can be a 1 mile walk with your friends on a weekend , all to be done in 2 -3 hours. You may raise £20 or £200, it’s not about numbers it’s about participation.

If you have a lot of time or have a big team of friends/supporters than you can organise a few small scale events like walks, bake sales, sports challenges etc or even a charity dinner.

The choice is yours and we encourage your participation as it suits you best. Our core team will also support you in all the work, such as organising posters, facebook stuff etc

Here are some of the ideas:


  • My Buddy: A unique one day event, at a local community centre where children will be invited to draw pictures and handwrite letters about the plight of their fellow children in Syria. These letters will be sent to businesses and corporations aiming to get their support.
  • I-Witnessed It: A powerful one day event to display an art exhibition of Syrian crisis with artist’s views and images of the war as well as a few talks by volunteers who went on convoys and Syrian refugees in the UK.
  • Lobby Day: Various Individuals and teams can visit all local MP’s/MSP’s
  • March for Syria: Demonstration outside local office/parliament to allow more refugees to come to UK and implement no fly zone
  • Vigil: A vigil in local areas will convey and create an atmosphere of compassion


  • Football Skills for Syria: A football tournament with team entrance fees to raise funds for Syria
  • Bake Sale: A cake or food sale at your work/school/community centre
  • Toy Drive: Organise a collection of soft toys to be shipped out to children in Syria and Lebanon
  • I Treat U for Syria: Invite family or friends round to your home for a meal and they can donate towards the cause in appreciation for your cooking
  • Coffee & Cakes for Syria: Organise a small get together to raise some funds for Syria
  • Family Fun Day: At a local church/mosque/community centre a family orientated day with all profits going towards Syria
  • Street Bucketing: Standing on the street with a bucket asking passing people if they have any spare change for Syria
  • Ladies Night: Ladies only event of pampering/fashion show and treats with donations and profits going for Syria
  • Hope for Syria: Large scale fundraising dinner with various exciting features in different cities

Get involved now, be part of this exciting campaign, save lives spread hope.



Email us for further info:

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