Bangladesh Distribution

Bangladesh Distribution


Outstanding efforts Mousa Raza Saqib Hussan and team.

Alhamdulilah, aid plan has been set up for 30 families this year who will all receive food packs each month for the whole year.

Our team make individual assessments to ensure that the most vulnerable families are helped. All the families that were chosen meet strict criteria whereby they have little or no income to meet their immediate needs.

Areas covered are: Sunamgonj, Balagonj, Sylhet, Osmani Nagor, Nobigonj, Jogonathpur

Each family is provided approximately £21 shopping to suffice each month. The following 10 items are included in each Food pack:

25kg Rice
5ltr Oil
5kg Onion
5kg Potatoes
2Kg Salt
1Kg Sugar
1Kg Lentils
500g Garlic
500g Ginger
500g mixed Spices