Your donations make real differences in lives of many orphans, widows, disabled, injured, elderly and many destitute human beings as well as funding various humanitarian general and medical projects.

There are thousands of beneficiaries of your support. Some of the examples are shared below.




ALAUDEEN, Disabled young man

Allaaudeen is disabled; is supported by our Rehabilitation project and lives with with other disabled and injured Syrians all supported by WCF donors

“Our psychology has improved a lot and this has its own positive impacts on our health and well being .We felt for the first time that we are not alone but we have support”







RABIA, 53 year old with no support

Has a disabled boy, her husband can’t communicate they were living in a barn with animals. Rats everywhere, a nightmare life. Now relocated to a house.

“Believe it or not during the first week in this house arranged by WCF, we couldn’t believe it we felt we were dreaming. This house has changed our life completely, my disabled son and I feel that we are not abandoned”





BABY BARA, was severely burnt in a camp fire

Baby Bara, lost his mother and siblings in a camp fire. They rely on treatm


ent and social welfare funds. His father also got burnt with serious injuries making him unable to work.

“Our life was miserable, Barra was going to die if he lived in a refugee camp .You have changed our life completely. We lost some members of our family but God granted us you all to support us”




BABY ZIA, Lives in in our orphanage

Baby Zia now lives in our orphanage and is looked after by a carer. His father died in the Syrian war and mother has abandoned him due to PTSD

“he doesn’t say much  but loves a hug and sweets ”.. comment by a volunteer.





WATER WELL, provides for 500 people a day near Latakia

This well will serve refugees living in a campsite near Latakia.











Generators, incubators, bone fixators, operation costs, medici

ne, wheelchairs, beds, oxygen concentrators….. and many other aid provided for the medical needs providing life saving treatments. Saving lives now and many generations to come.