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Qurbani 2018

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Account Name: World Care Foundation

Bank Account: 62312490

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Eid Treat 2018

Eid Treat is back..

At eid, a time of enjoyment with family and friends; let’s not forget the orphans.
Order your cake in aid of orphan children and support them to spread smiles.

Now delivering in:

SCOTLAND: Edinburgh, Dunfermline, Falkirk, Glasgow, Stirling, West Lothian & Dundee

ENGLAND: Huddersfield, Dewsbury & Batley

100% profits and 100% donation project

To order:

Scotland call: 07763 612663 / 07947 473442

England: 07961 063063 / 07956 661023

Ramadan 2018 Food Appeal


Can you donate £1 to feed someone in need, this Ramadan?
We all know of the great reward in opening fasts, subhanAllah.
When we fast, we know our sehri and iftaar meal will always be there, but many don’t have this luxury or comfort. Some remain hungry and others eat very little.
So please join us in this month of blessings and mercy to ensure that no one is worried about their food
Please don’t delay, donate now so that we can start arranging iftaars and providing food packs.
Please see poster for full information on how to donate. You can donate by phone, bank and online.
Don’t worry about big amounts, donate a small amount JUST DON’T MISS OUT ON THE AJAR. Help one person! Involve your children to donate £1 by phone, let’s all join in!
We are looking for a group of friends or a family to unite and host a public iftar for Syrians in Turkey. £3500 will provide 9800 meals over 7 days serving 1400 meals per day.
Please contact 07763 612663 if you wish to provide a group iftaar or for more information

Taher Kaghaa

Taher lives with his brother, he lost 3 limbs, now only has one arm and hand. He is grateful to his brother who is the only support for Taher. His brother works in farms and is always short of funds. Taher really just wants help for his rent. His brother earns 500 TL but rent rent costs are 600TL, rest money comes from general aid here and there. Taher was a barber and lost his limbs in a bomb. He mainly wants help for his rent, something regular



Khanatri family

From Idlib. 2 brothers (Luqman and Burham , age approx 27, 30) , 1 sister (age 18) all disabled from early age, they attend a physio centre but no real improvement as their disability is genetic. There is no one earning , father has passed away and their mother has back/ spine issues due to old age etc. They get aid from various places but nothing regular. They share one wheel chair between them. Recently another cousin age approx 10 came to live with them from Syria he is also disabled but is improving slightly, after some physio. they live in 3 rooms, 500tl rent + 100 tl bills


1000 usd for wheelchair (electric as they can’t use manual wheelchair) plus general support for monthly support








Sattam Family


Family came from Idlib (Khan Shaikoun) . Family lost 3 sons in Syria. Other children are Zaid 11, Sana 9, Nada 6, Qasim 4 and Sajda 1.5 yrs. Father Mohamed Sattam has leg injury due to explosion so cant work. There is slow progress in physio. His children sell tissues and since they only just moved to Reyhanli, they are not getting any support from other NGO’s. The live in a shop front , half is a storage for wood by the owner, other half is their residence, which has mattresses and their clothing. They didn’t have proper cooking facilities and no real toilet etc. rent is 250 TL p/m inc bills


150gbp per month for 6 months to get them on their feet




Fitrana 2017

FITRANA 2017..

Thank you to you all little more than 3850 pounds in fitrana was distributed to 75 Syrian families of widows and orphans, spread across Lebanon and Turkey.
Grateful to all donors and Blackhall mosque who contributed  £1000 towards the fitrana.