Rohingya Medical Camp

Rohingya Medical Camp

WCF volunteers were able to arrange a medical camp for 2 days for the people of Rohingya.

The team of 5 Doctors were able to see over 1500 patients. They checked patients health and gave medicine to them.

They came across many different types of illnesses. Majority of the people that needed help were women, children and babies.

We would like to thank all donors and volunteers for all their support. This would not be possible without you all.

We ask you all to please continue with all your support to help the people of Rohingya.


WCF in Rohingya

WCF volunteers in Rohingya have been able to arrange the installation of the following in various camps:

10 Deep Water Pumps

14 Shelters with Solar Panels (Each Shelter Will House 2 Families)

50 Female Showers

50 Toilets

Many of these Projects have been completed and others will be completed soon.

We would like to thank all donors and volunteers for all their support. This would not be possible without you all.

The need is so much more and we would ask for your continuous support to help the people of Rohingya.

Rohingya Aid Mission 2017

Rohingya Aid Mission 2017

Volunteers from WCF have travelled to Bangladesh to help the people of Rohingya.


Today they did a distribution of food packs and essentials which are needed.


This was distributed to 400 families and will help approximately 2000 people.


Food Packs included:


Dry Rice







Gur (Jaggery)

Milk Powder




Essential Pack Includes:

Floor Mats


Tent Cover




Ladies Essentials

Water Jug

Steel Water Container

Mosquito Net


Water Well Project have been implemented. Some have been completed and others will be completed soon.


Thank you to all the volunteers and donors for all their support without whom this would have not been possible.


Please continue to help support the people of Rohingya as there is so much more need and help required.


Changing Lives

World Care Foundation Volunteers From Glasgow Have Organised Their Very First Event. An Inspirational Evening To Share Their Personal Experiences, Aid Missions and Project Progress Including A 3 Course Meal.

Date: Saturday 4th November 2017
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: Carmicheal Hall, Eastwood Park, Rouken Glen Road, Glasgow, G46 7JS
Tickets: £15 (Age 3 & Under Go Free)

Please Show Your Support To All The Volunteers and Book Your Tickets Now


Efforts For Rohingya Victims

Efforts For Rohingya Victims

Volunteers and donors working hard to raise essential funds for Rohingya victims of the worst imaginable oppression. Our first aid mission leaving on Monday 9th of October.

Grateful to all for generous donation, currently at £42,000

We wish volunteers all the best and look forward to updates


Fitrana 2017

FITRANA 2017..

Thank you to you all little more than 3850 pounds in fitrana was distributed to 75 Syrian families of widows and orphans, spread across Lebanon and Turkey.
Grateful to all donors and Blackhall mosque who contributed  £1000 towards the fitrana.

Lebanon Aid Mission Update

Lebanon Aid mission June 2017

June 2017, WCF team were in Lebanon to aid many Syrian refugees in urgent need.

Our team members gave medical support, food, clothing and housing help on case by case basis.

They were even able to join orphans and refugees for an enjoyable ‘iftaar’ during the holy month of Ramadan (the meal eaten by Muslims after sunset).

This was a very successful and heart-warming aid mission which put smiles on many faces!

If you are interested in joining us on future aid missions, please send us an email to :

Rehabilitation Centre


The conflict in Syria continues to produce history’s gravest displacement crisis and continues in the world today; generating dramatic levels of suffering, injury and death to innocent men, women and most of all children. The actions of the few shatter the lives of many along with their hopes and dreams for the future!

On the 22nd July 2017, some of our team members will be heading out to Turkey to help disabled Syrians.

We are looking for your urgent help to raise funds towards establishing a residence and a rehabilitation centre in Turkey for disabled and injured, along the Syrian border at Reyhanli.

Our budget for this is £60,000.

We can help them get on their feet and live a dignified life in the best way possible.

We will also identify and help urgent medical cases by providing medicine or treatment costs or equipment where needed.

You can donate and help us to build a residential Rehab centre by clicking on the link below. Give hope.

For more information check our our leaflet;A5_SYRIA_Zakaat

Bangladesh Distribution

Bangladesh Distribution


Outstanding efforts Mousa Raza Saqib Hussan and team.

Alhamdulilah, aid plan has been set up for 30 families this year who will all receive food packs each month for the whole year.

Our team make individual assessments to ensure that the most vulnerable families are helped. All the families that were chosen meet strict criteria whereby they have little or no income to meet their immediate needs.

Areas covered are: Sunamgonj, Balagonj, Sylhet, Osmani Nagor, Nobigonj, Jogonathpur

Each family is provided approximately £21 shopping to suffice each month. The following 10 items are included in each Food pack:

25kg Rice
5ltr Oil
5kg Onion
5kg Potatoes
2Kg Salt
1Kg Sugar
1Kg Lentils
500g Garlic
500g Ginger
500g mixed Spices

Bake Sale for Syria

Friday 13th January 2017 we’re holding a bake sale for the ongoing crisis in Syria.

It’s taking place at Central Mosque after jumma prayers.

The crisis in Syria has affected many people, please join us and donate generously to a worthy cause.

As always, this is a 100% donation even where all money raised will go directly to those that need it.

If you can’t make it on Friday but want to help, you can donate here. Every pound makes a difference.