World Care Foundation team is really humbled at the launch of our weekly foodbank project. This adds to our current free Foodtable (soup table) project that runs every Monday thus extending our support projects for the benefit of the local community.


This project features provision of essential food items and other items of need. Recently we also distributed thousands of pounds worth winter clothes to the homeless brothers and sisters in Edinburgh.

The foodbank works on a structured referral system through partner agencies, GP’s, social services, Police and other bodies. We also offer a self-referral service for anyone who is in the process of getting referred or is caught in any misfortune.

Our donations come from individual public, businesses, volunteers, cash donations and other food outlets.

We take pride in helping fellow humans at their time of need. The whole relationship is that of “here for you as needed”. The beneficiaries not only benefit from food but the warm and caring company of volunteers.

We invite more volunteers to join us in this crucial project. A small commitment of time can make real difference.

Donations can also be made (cash or food items).

Donations can be made online at

For more information to volunteer or to donate items please contact






Bangladesh January 2018

Our World Care Foundation volunteers started off the year with a heart aching trip to Bangladesh to deliver aid to the refugees of the Rohingya Crisis. After the violence started in 2016 hundreds of thousands of Rohingya people have fled Myanmar to neighbouring countries. Thousands of these people who escaped have been raped, tortured and witnessed the mass murder of men, women and children. It has been reported there is now over 800,000 Rohingya people now living in makeshift camps in Bangladesh, with more entering the country every day this had forced Bangladesh to turn people away leaving them to risk their lives to travel by boat elsewhere or return to the violence in Myanmar. Most of the refugees in Bangladesh do not receive any support from the government so are left injured, homeless and hungry without the help of aid from charities. Through the generosity of the general public World Care Foundation has raised over £70,000 to support these people who are in desperate need.

During the time the volunteers spent in Bangladesh they distributed essential aid items to 1050 families (over 5000 people). These emergency packs included water bucket, mosquito net, solar lamp, floor mat, lota, plates/pots/cooking essentials, sanitary towels, bars of soap, washing powder.



Ma’aruf Razzak a WCF volunteer said “Many had tears in their eyes as they collected items that we often take for granted.  These refugees are living in very dire conditions but yet the children are trying to keep in high spirits. Children at one of the refugee camps were happy to see us and just asked us to pass on the message of their situation to the world.”

2800 large packs of vegetables (over 7 tons) were also distributed which will feed around 14000 people for 4 full days. The volunteers also visited the World Care Foundation shelter project where purpose-built waterproof rooms with shower and toilet facilities as well as ladies only showing facilities being built nearby, these are a huge improvement to where many of the refugees are currently living. Water pumps are also being dug in this are to allow a source of fresh water, a forgotten luxury.  Field visits to a street children’s centre as well as medical camps helped the team get a better understanding in setting up own WCF orphanage and medical camps in Bangladesh.




Operations Manager (EDINBURGH) – World Care Foundation

This is a fantastic opportunity to join a humanitarian aid charity and help make a difference to those who need it the most, both in the UK and abroad. Due to growth and the continuous expansion of our projects, we are looking for an experienced and skilled applicant with general management experience from the charity sector to lead and implement our operational plans.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated individual with exceptional project management skills to join our team. You will have a can-do attitude with the drive and self-motivation to deliver strong results, embrace challenges and seize opportunities for organisational growth.

For more information please see this link

Operations Manager (EDINBURGH) – World Care Foundation

For more information and to apply for this post please send a CV and a covering letter to

please send a email for more information

Rohingya Medical Camp

Rohingya Medical Camp

WCF volunteers were able to arrange a medical camp for 2 days for the people of Rohingya.

The team of 5 Doctors were able to see over 1500 patients. They checked patients health and gave medicine to them.

They came across many different types of illnesses. Majority of the people that needed help were women, children and babies.

We would like to thank all donors and volunteers for all their support. This would not be possible without you all.

We ask you all to please continue with all your support to help the people of Rohingya.


WCF in Rohingya

WCF volunteers in Rohingya have been able to arrange the installation of the following in various camps:

10 Deep Water Pumps

14 Shelters with Solar Panels (Each Shelter Will House 2 Families)

50 Female Showers

50 Toilets

Many of these Projects have been completed and others will be completed soon.

We would like to thank all donors and volunteers for all their support. This would not be possible without you all.

The need is so much more and we would ask for your continuous support to help the people of Rohingya.

Rohingya Aid Mission 2017

Rohingya Aid Mission 2017

Volunteers from WCF have travelled to Bangladesh to help the people of Rohingya.


Today they did a distribution of food packs and essentials which are needed.


This was distributed to 400 families and will help approximately 2000 people.


Food Packs included:


Dry Rice







Gur (Jaggery)

Milk Powder




Essential Pack Includes:

Floor Mats


Tent Cover




Ladies Essentials

Water Jug

Steel Water Container

Mosquito Net


Water Well Project have been implemented. Some have been completed and others will be completed soon.


Thank you to all the volunteers and donors for all their support without whom this would have not been possible.


Please continue to help support the people of Rohingya as there is so much more need and help required.


Changing Lives

World Care Foundation Volunteers From Glasgow Have Organised Their Very First Event. An Inspirational Evening To Share Their Personal Experiences, Aid Missions and Project Progress Including A 3 Course Meal.

Date: Saturday 4th November 2017
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: Carmicheal Hall, Eastwood Park, Rouken Glen Road, Glasgow, G46 7JS
Tickets: £15 (Age 3 & Under Go Free)

Please Show Your Support To All The Volunteers and Book Your Tickets Now


Efforts For Rohingya Victims

Efforts For Rohingya Victims

Volunteers and donors working hard to raise essential funds for Rohingya victims of the worst imaginable oppression. Our first aid mission leaving on Monday 9th of October.

Grateful to all for generous donation, currently at £42,000

We wish volunteers all the best and look forward to updates


Fitrana 2017

FITRANA 2017..

Thank you to you all little more than 3850 pounds in fitrana was distributed to 75 Syrian families of widows and orphans, spread across Lebanon and Turkey.
Grateful to all donors and Blackhall mosque who contributed  £1000 towards the fitrana.