Campaign description

The number of orphaned and abandoned children in Syria is on the rise due to the ongoing war crisis. These vulnerable children have gone through traumatic experiences including the loss of loved ones and some have limited or no access to basic necessities of life.

Your help; therefore is extremely crucial and will make an immediate impact on the lives of these vulnerable children.

There are number of aid projects for orphans and children; so in line with our policy to involve our donors and supporters throughout the process of aid delivery therefore below i have detailed various aid plans that you can choose to donate towards:

  • Individual Orphan sponsorship,

At £35 per child in Lebanon and £25 for Syria, per month. If you choose this option we will write you with details of children that you have sponsored. Please email your details to

  • Medical & General Relief Fund

Dedicated to orphans and children in need, this entails providing help over and above sponsorships and in the event when child needs special help for example medical treatment which cannot be covered through monthly amounts or other essential items.