Anwar Din was a kind hearted, one of a kind and jovial person who always smiled and remembered Allah swt often. We are yet to meet a single person who has not expressed their grief at his loss. He touched the hearts of near enough anyone he met. 

Many of us have had the honour of being taught by him. We have managed to master our maths skills but unknowingly gained invaluable life lessons from him.
We have numerous messages from friends, family and students commenting on his jolly smile, his gentle nature and fantastic sense of humour.
He will be sorely missed by all those who have known him in his many roles as teacher, uncle, friend, advisor and colleague. 

He worked effortlessly helping those in need, be there for them and encourage them to achieve their potential. He was a man of not only words but of action also.  
No community or charity event will ever be the same without his presence. However, we will strive to carry on with the charitable work he did and endeavour to continue his legacy. 

May Allah swt make his final resting place a place of sukoon (comfort) and grant him the highest place in Jannah al Firdous.

‘Anwar Din was a retired Principal teacher of Pastoral Care for seventeen years at Shawlands Academy, Glasgow and an active member of the community.  Previous to this, he worked at Kilwinning Academy as Technical teacher, a Computing teacher and then Dunbarton Education Council.  Before becoming a teacher, he was a Civil Engineer graduating from Strathclyde University. During his time at Shawlands Academy he organised many International Days and Inter-faith lunches to help raise money for charity. After his retirement, he gave his time generously to many organisations and charities, such as Islamic Relief. He was a member of many groups related to mentoring young people and helping parents. Sadly, Anwar Din passed away suddenly on the 23rd September 2017 after returning from his pilgrimage to Hajj.

We are setting up this page to continue his legacy to raise funds for orphans and widows.’